Savings Tips When Winter Weather Sets In- Seasons Greetings and Seasonal Savings


Many of us find winter an expensive time of year. Darker nights and colder weather often mean higher bills. Plus, the season’s festivities can often put a strain on your pocket! A few simple changes to your home could help ease the problem if you find you worry more about money this time of year.

Wintertime extreme temperatures may cause you to use more energy to keep your home comfortable. When this happens, your natural gas bill will reflect that high usage. We want to help you save by offering a variety of tips, tools, and programs that may help you make a difference when it comes to energy conservation. Before the cold weather hits, here are some things you can do ahead of time that could reduce your energy costs.

Maintain your system: Home heating is the single highest energy user when it’s cold out. Make sure your heating system is running efficiently by scheduling a maintenance check with a licensed service technician.

Lower your water heater settings: Water heating accounts for about 18% of home energy consumption. Reduce hot water usage by installing faucet aerators and efficient flow showerheads and adjusting your hot water heater to 120°F, or the low setting.* Utilize your customer online account portal: Your online account provides useful tools to track your energy usage. You can see previous years’ consumptions, view usage trends, and gain visibility into times your usage is tracking higher or lower than normal.

Once cold weather sets in, use these quick tips to help save energy:

  • Use the warmth of the sun: Open window curtains during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home. Be sure to close them at night to keep heat in.
  • Thermostat adjustments: It's simple: set your thermostat to 68°F. For each degree you lower the thermostat, you can help save up to 5% on heating costs.*
  • Keep radiators and heaters clear of bulky furniture so heat can circulate. When in use, don't put items directly in front of heating aids so the warm air can penetrate the room.
  • Bundle up: Keeping your feet warm is key. Try wool socks or cozy slippers to keep the rest of your body comfortable. Keeping our feet warm helps to keep our entire body temperature up.