Environmental Commitment

As an energy provider, socially responsible business and good neighbor, we at Colorado Natural Gas are committed to being a partner in building a sustainable energy future in the communities we serve. To help us reach that future, we continually look for ways to reduce our carbon and methane emissions and promote sustainable and efficient energy use.

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Methane Reduction Initiatives

At CNG, we are proud to be a leader in reducing methane emissions. Through our participation in several mitigation programs we are continuing to reduce our methane intensity.

Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge:

By participating in the voluntary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Methane Challenge Program since 2016, we commit to transparently reporting our methane emissions and describing the systematic and comprehensive actions we are taking to reduce our methane emissions. Through this program, we make our system safer, reduce operational risk and increase efficiency. Beyond that, we also share information and best practices with our peers across the country to further enhance methane mitigation efforts industrywide.

ONE Future Coalition:

We are a committed member of the ONE Future Coalition, an organization made up of energy companies from across the natural gas supply chain that are committed to achieving a science-based average rate of methane emissions across facilities equivalent to one percent or less of total natural gas production. With company leaders on ONE Future’s Board of Directors and other policy and technical committees, we work together to report emissions data, mitigation efforts and best practices with the goal of leading the industry to a sustainable path of lower emissions and more efficient operations. In 2019 we embarked on an Environmental Risk Assessment to ensure that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the impact our business makes on our communities and the environment.

Clean Air

At CNG, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and providing affordable energy solutions to our customers. One of the ways we do that is by investing in energy efficiency. Each year, CNG allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars for energy efficiency rebates and no cost efficiency assessments for our customers with the goal of reducing energy bills, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions. This allows them to enjoy the reliability and comfort of natural gas at less cost. In 2018, we spent an estimated $39,900 on these programs, which included rebates for smart thermostats, efficient boilers, hot water heaters and other energy efficient equipment. These rebates are available to residential, commercial and large industrial customers. In 2018, our efficiency program resulted in a carbon offset of 212 metric tons. That is equivalent to taking 45 vehicles off the road or offsetting the total energy usage of 25 homes.