Colorado Natural Gas Prioritizes Safety During Safe Digging Month


Centennial, Colorado (April 17, 2024) – April marks National Safe Digging Month and Colorado Natural Gas (CNG) urges customers to prioritize safety by calling 811 before starting any digging projects. It is critically important to contact 811 at least two days, not to include the day of notice, before any digging projects. Calling 811 allows local utilities enough time to mark underground lines before a project begins. You should not dig until you receive notification from all utilities that they have marked their underground facilities or that no underground facilities exist in your dig area.

“Safety is our top priority at CNG, and a simple call to 811 a few days before a yard project can protect you, your family, and your community from damaging an underground utility line,” said Nathan Knell, VP of Operations Support at CNG. "It is required by law that every digging project, no matter the size, requires you to contact 811 to make sure the underground utilities are safely marked before projects begin. This includes common projects like planting shrubs, landscaping or installing a new fence.”

When customers contact 811, local utility companies mark the approximate locations of buried lines in their yards, reducing the risk of injuries and service disruptions. It's crucial to hand dig near marked lines and avoid using mechanized equipment to prevent damaging underground utilities.

Striking a single line can lead to costly repairs, outages, fines, injuries, and even fatalities. Projects such as installing a mailbox, building a deck, planting a tree, or laying a patio require a free 811 request at least a few days prior to digging.