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Payment Assistance

Colorado Natural Gas has partnered with local weatherization and low-income assistance providers to assist our customers who need a little extra help.


Rebates And Efficiency

Colorado Natural Gas has rebates for homes and businesses that can save you HUNDREDS off the costs of upgrading your old heating equipment.*


Managing Higher Bills

Just as the cost of food and other day-to-day products are on the rise, so too is the cost of energy, but we’re here to help!


Call 811 Before You Start Digging!

One easy phone call to 811 starts the process to get your underground pipelines and utility lines marked for FREE!



Fraudulent Phone Calls: Please be on alert for fraudulent phone calls from individuals posing as utility representatives. These individuals call about billing issues, such as your account being past due and demand you pay outstanding charges immediately over the phone.

Individuals Posing as Utility Meter ReadersIndividuals Posing as Utility Meter Readers: Please be on alert for individuals posing as utility workers in an attempt to gain entry into your home. Colorado Natural Gas personnel in the field can be recognized by their company vehicle, uniforms and identification badge when coming to your home. If an individual claiming to be a Colorado Natural Gas employee comes to you home, ask to see their company ID or look for our logo on their truck or uniform. At Colorado Natural Gas, your safety and security are our top priority and we want to help you stay vigilant against scams.

If in doubt about a call or individual at your home DO NOT provide any personal information or let them in. Instead, call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-720-8193 to verify.

If you believe you have a natural gas outage or emergency,

call 1-800-883-3181 right away!

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